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With IT and media both being fast-paced, competitive industries, it goes without saying that those involved in these fields need to be able to concentrate on their careers, instead of getting bogged down by tax and accounting responsibilities.

That’s why so many such individuals request the specialist accountancy expertise of Accounting People. We cater for media and IT professionals throughout central London, especially the areas of Stanmore, Harrow, Wembley and Watford.

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The burgeoning popularity of IT contracting – thanks in part to its routinely higher take-home pay and tax efficiency – has been mirrored by a greater number of approaches to our own company for suitably tailored IT accountancy assistance and advice.

The media, meanwhile, has always been a hugely popular field in which to work, with professionals such as agents, actors, producers, directors, writers and editors having long entrusted us with their own accountancy needs.

Such individuals know that with multiple incomes to juggle, unsociable working hours and/or a lack of awareness of what they can and cannot claim for tax purposes, they really do need to use an accountant that they can trust.

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Our services for IT and media workers here at Accounting People are not just trustworthy – being delivered by highly qualified and experienced accountants and registered auditors – but also comprehensive.

Our expertise encompasses the likes of VAT registration, payroll, statutory annual accounts and auditing. We can provide, as well as tailored tax advice, business advice geared around both start-ups and more established firms. Information and support can also be given in relation to R&D tax relief, the Patent Box and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

We are extremely proud of the breadth of accountancy services that we provide for IT and media professionals – which you can begin to take advantage of yourself by calling our capable and seasoned team on 0208 238 5587.

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